TSO’s Solar Energy Program equips schools in remote African communities with solar energy, providing them safe, clean and reliable lighting and electricity. This gives teachers and students in each community the opportunity to work in the school after sunset, to use computers and projectors and, possibly, have access to the Internet – enhancing the teaching and learning experiences.

At the end of the school day, students are permitted to sign out and take home portable solar lanterns, an affordable, safe and reliable source of home lighting that permit home study without the need for dangerous kerosene lamps or candles. The students must return the lanterns the next school day, where they are stored in metal lockers (also funded by TSO and its donors) for safe keeping.

These projects are also important to the broader communities, as the schools can be used in the evening to host meetings and events. And, ultimately, when the quality of education of a generation is improved, the whole community benefits economically and socially.

TSO has completed the following solar projects:

Heredougou School Project

Kopoï School Project

Pâ School Project

The following projects are in progress:

Yamané & Voho School Projects

Pâ Solar Village of the Future