Stanley was born in the Wakiso District of Uganda, struggling to support himself since he lost his last parent at the age of ten. Because Stanley sometimes failed to earn the money necessary to pay for school fees, he missed some years at school. Nonetheless, he persevered and advanced to high school, where he got some assistance from his head teachers. During this time, Stanley opened his barbershop in Kakiri trading centre. This business allowed him to support himself as he completed his diploma in Information Technology from Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education (Mengo).

We first met Stanley in the summer of 2014, when he was twenty-six years old. His goal was to secure full-time employment as a business and computer specialist. TSO was able to place him in an internship with at the Kampala Computer Centre, where he was in charge of training and computer networking. He completed his internship in May 2015.

In June 2015, the Ministry of Internal Affairs hired Stanley for a one-month term as a supervisor for the National Identification Issuance project. Stanley expanded and improved on his IT skills and learned some administrative skills online, namely natural justice as applied in administrative law, communication skills, ethics and organizational principles. He also gained proficiency in applications such as Excel and PowerPoint.

Stanley’s success with the National Identification Issuance project led him to secure a part-time 1-year contract with the Electoral Commission of Uganda on its National ID project. In this role, he supervised the issuance of the national identification cards (by computer) in the Kakiri area, where his role included national identity card registration, verification of voters, and vote recording. He also provided technical assistance for the computer system.

In June of 2016 Stanley had a one-month contract with the National Examination Board, assisting with the assembly of training materials. Stanley also continues to farm, where he owns a commercial pig business. He hopes to reinvest his profits to expand his business.

With the wealth of experience gained from his internship and past employment, we are confident Stanley will find meaningful, long-term, employment. With his career, Stanley aspires to earn a better living and be able to inspire the less advantaged youth and children to never lose hope and to always strive with determination and patience in order to reach their goals in life.